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Minutes for meeting 2020-06-15

Date/Time: 2020-06-15 09:00-10:00 CET
Location: Online (video chat)
Purpose: Weekly update


(Note-taker marked with 📝)


  • Meeting notes from last meeting
  • Detailed plan for milestones 1a, 1b, 1c
  • Weekly status update
    • Development
      • Research/Identify Risks
      • Decide on rules for MR review/approval/merge
      • Where do we want to leave action points? (meeting notes seems impractical)
    • DevOps
    • Documentation / Marketing / Branding items
      • Briefly discuss rational behind the code license choice (so it can be documented)
      • Project identity / Branding / Logo / Naming / etc.
      • Publishing documentation / Github Pages / URL paths vs. sub-domains preference, etc.
  • Coming week


The meeting notes from the last meeting where merged into the project-admin repo and are available at https://pdsinterop/project-admin/meetings/minutes-2020-06-08/

It was agreed to have everyone approve the MR for meeting notes. Any missing or unclear items can be discussed on the MR. If there is nothing to discuss, approve the MR.

Yvo stated he felt it is important we create a more detailed plan for milestones 1a (test), 1b (PHP), 1c (Nextcloud) this week. The focus will be on the work for the coming two or three weeks, with chunks of 8 hours or less.

Weekly status update

  • Michiel:
    • Worked 12 hours, total now 16
    • Nice first progress on
      • Picking up where the Inrupt est-suite left of
      • Uses Jest, Typescript, and solid-app-kit
      • Other servers (Nextcloud, PHP standalone) to be added to the test-suites when they are built.
      • Will communicate with Inrupt about their test-suite and if it will be closed- or open-source
      • Any changes of value to the Inrup test-suite will be pushed upstream as MR
  • Yvo:
    • Worked 4 hours, total now 4
    • Updated test-suite scripts to also run on Windows (Powershell)
    • Reading up on text/turtle (and other formats like (JSON-LD) in preparation for the contacts/agenda
  • Ben
    • Worked 17.5 hours, total 17.5
    • Development
      • Made preparation for standalone PHP
    • Devops
      • Set up organisation website repo
      • Turned on Github pages for all repos
    • Documentation / Branding / Marketing
      • Created Awesome Solid
      • Documented branding guidelines
      • Made budget spreadsheet
      • Made preparations for other branding
      • Started on architecture diagrams
  • Auke
    • Worked 8 hours, total 8
    • Forked and altered an exisiting Nextcloud dev environment in Docker, as Nextcloud themselves use Homestead (which we don’t want). This is for core development but should be fine for app development (and testing).
    • Researched oauth2/oicd options in Nextcloud

Auke noted he will add research in the project-admin repo rather than using a project wiki on Github.

Ben stated the need to meet with Auke to discuss the architecture, diagrams and details for PHP implementation. It was decided to do this meeting in person on Wednesday at the Muze offices for easier collaboration/brainstorming.


  • Development

    • Auke mentioned it is becoming more important to research and identify risks that might impact our development timetable. During or after breaking down work into smaller chunks we also need to think ahead and try to identify riks.

    • Ben and Michiel stated they would like a semi-formal agreement about rules for reviewing, approving, and merging MRs. This was discussed and certain points were agreed upon. (See the “Actions and Agreements” section for details).

    • Ben asked “Where do we want to leave action points?” as having them in the meeting notes has proven impractical. After a brief discussion about available option (an file, Github Issues, Github Projects). it was agreed to use issues on Github. During the coming week we’ll also look into Github projects to see if it add any value to us. Issues should be added in the repo they relate to or, (if they do not fit elsewhere) in the project-admin repo.

    • DevOps

  • Documentation / Marketing / Branding items

    • The rational behind the code license choice was discuss. Reasons for using the MIT license were:
      • a Permissive license was desirable, as getting people to use the code is more important than protecting business interest or financial gain.
      • Solid is created by MIT, so it uses the MIT license. Why not follow?
      • It is a commonly used license.
    • A quick formal vote was held for using the MIT license. All votes were in favor.

    • The need for a Project identity (branding, logo, naming, etc.) was raised by Ben. There is an increasing need for a first draft of logo and house-style in anticipation of publication and community outreach.

      The how’s and the why’s were discussed for a while, leading to the following:

      • Ben will share a first suggestion for a logo on Slack
      • Auke might have an idea for the website(s) styling
      • Any community outreach will be added to the project-admin repo(Auke)
      • We need to be aware there are more than one “identity”. There is the organization, several products and the overall category:
        • Data Interoperability / Data Portability (category))
        • Next-Cloud app and standalone PHP server (product)
        • PDS Interop (organization)
        • Test Suites, more broad then just Solid (product)
    • Ben talked briefly about the possibilities regarding publishing documentation using Github Pages (either from master or a docs folder) and how URL paths work. Sub-domains could also be an option at a later time.

Goals for the coming week

  • Ben has primary and secondary goals, spread across three separate areas:
    • Development
      1. Make first start at PHP code
      2. Milestone details
      3. Align with Auke
    • DevOps
      1. Setup standalone PHP Solid Docker image
      2. Set up quality checks for repos
    • Docs
      1. Finish architecture diagrams
      2. Add LICENSE, CONTRIBUTING, and CODE-OF-CONDUCT, files to all repos.
      3. Document choice for license
  • Michiel will focus 100% on the test suite.
    • Within milestone 1a, add as many tests as possible, hopefully covering the full flow of a Solid app acquiring a DPop-based bearer token
  • Auke will:
    • Research risks per milestone
    • Create a proof-of-concept for oidc/oauth2 Nextcloud app
    • Research option to use oauth2/oidc in Nextcloud sync clients
    • Create a design system for the website

Actions and Agreements

  1. Regarding merge-request, the following was agreed:
  • An MR require approval of at least one other person.
  • If approval of more or specific people is required, add them as reviewer
  • When the desired approval has been reached, the author may merge their own merge request.
  • Unless code or features are really broken, it is better to suggest changes in follow-up MRs, rather than having long discussion blocking changes. We can always make follow-up MRs if things turn out to be “wrong”.
  • Code review takes preference over development. When available for work, we should check Github notifications during the day and try to respond timely.
  • When online and active, acknowledge review requests on Slack, so people know their work is being looked at.
  1. Regarding meeting minutes, everyone can add their sign-off by approving the MR

  2. Each member should document which days they are available in the project-admin repo, so others know who can be asked for feedback or reviews on which day(s). Any deviation from normal runnings need to be shared with the team on Slack.

Action Owner Ticket
Create detailed planning for milestone 1a Michiel
Create detailed planning for milestone 1b Ben
Create detailed planning for milestone 1c Auke
Make a proposal for a design system to use Auke
Make a document for community outreach strategy Auke
Make a temporary logo Ben
Add risks Project admin file Everyone
Add name to Github organization Everyone
Add available days in the project-admin repo Everyone

Next week

Feedback on using Github Projects

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