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PDS Interop: Solid-Nextcloud weekly meeting 22 June


  • Meeting notes from last meeting
  • Weekly status update
  • Coming week


Meeting notes from last meeting

  • Action items progress checking:

Weekly status update


  • worked 8 hours, total now 16
  • added first version of styleguide for pds interop documentation
  • worked on community outreach strategy doc
  • made skeleton for pdsinterop app in nextcloud


  • worked 6 hours, total now 22
  • reverse-engineered webid-oidc in node-solid-server
  • didn’t do the break-up into 8-hour chunks, my work-horizon is still quite short
  • feel confident that i’m roughly 18% done with the webid-oidc-provider test suite :)


  • worked 12 hours, total now 16
  • worked out how to do RDFa + HTML and Turtle combinations which should be a good basis for apps


  • Worked 3 hours (mostly Meeting, meeting notes)
  • Nothing to report, did not achieve any work last week

Coming week

  • Ben
    1. Make first start at PHP code
    2. Milestone details/risk
    3. Align with Auke/Yvo (Architecture Diagrams, Turtle, WebID)
  • Michiel
  • see
  • add test for presence of webid profile
  • reverse-engineer full webid-oidc login flow with SAF and NSS

  • Auke
    • finish community outreach document
    • create public profile page / webid in nextcloud

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