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Minutes for meeting 2020-07-13

Date/Time: 2020-07-13 09:00-10:00 CET


  • Auke van Slooten @poef
  • Michiel de Jong @michielbdejong
  • Yvo Brevoort @ylebre
  • Ben Peachy @potherca


  • Apache 304 CORS
  • Last week
  • Next week


    Apache 304 CORS

  • See

Last week


  • worked 7.5 hours, total now 49.
  • Looked into Apache 304 CORS


  • worked 0 hours, total now 53


  • worked 1 hours, total now 23

Only a small step this week (summer holidays started). rdflib.js does not seem to have a ‘diff’ for graphs, so iterating over them. Can now make a set of SparQL updates for simple, single named nodes. Still needs work for blank nodes, nodes that have multiple values as well as references to other nodes like addresses.

Updating data can also be done by using a PUT request, which will overwrite the whole file. To do this, we still need a way to merge the changes into the original graph and write that back. The turtle document is far enough along to be able to write this back to the pod.


  • worked 4 hours, total now 37

Next week


  • will be available to help Auke with milestone 1b
  • will be available to help Ben with milestone 1c


  • Standalone PHP
    • Finish implementing League Oauth2 server
    • Create static (i.e. based on hard-coded json) WebID profile


Actions and agreements


  • ⏳ add static alice profile in nextcloud
  • 🔜 make alice profile public
  • ⏳ finish community outreach document
  • 🔜 finish styling with Ben ->

🔜 = Todo ⏳ = Doing ✔️ = Done 🎉 = Tada! (Done, but more awesome!) ❌ = Cancelled

1 If applicable

Other Notes & Information

  • We’ll refrain from sending 304 responses due to the Apache-304-CORS issue.

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