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We did a quick check-in. Present: Ben, Yvo, Michiel.

Ben worked 21 hours in week 29 and 21 hours last week. Total is now 95. Implemented a big part of the basis for both the identity provider and the webid profile with content-negotiation. We may have to implement DPop ourselves.

Michiel worked 14 hours in week 29 and 8 hours last week. Total is now 71. Have solid-auth-fetcher working. Doing some upstream work to prepare for using rdflib.js in the storage test-suites (milestone 2a) and solid-ui in the apps launcher (milestone 4a). Getting close to having the first storage tests that do authenticated write and read for milestone 2a.

Next meeting, 3 August, will be just Ben and me. On 10 August, Auke will be back from holidays. On 17 August, Yvo will be back from holidays too.

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