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Meeting 24 August

Last week

Current blockers for claiming the first milestone:

  • openID provider in Nextcloud is a work in progress. Decided to keep going with the phpLeague module for now, but keep in mind that we do need to switch to the core Nextcloud version as it becomes available.
  • Ben has a working profile with and turtle, but the profile is always Alice at the moment.
  • We need basic profile information. If is sufficient if the profile is reachable on it’s own URL and has a full name.
  • .wellknown openID configuration should be available
  • content negotiation for jsonld/turtle
  • register endpoint for an app (client secret negotiation, auth request with code flow).


  • Worked 3 hours, total now 52
  • There are PRs for OIDC support in NextCloud core. If and when those get merged, we will switch to them. Until them, the Nextcloud app will use the code from the stand-alone server (which internally uses the PHPLeague thing).


  • Worked 0 hours, total stays at 31


  • Worked .5 hours, total now 116

Ben (not present)

  • Worked ? hours, total now ?

Next week


Merge the current code. Add full name to the profile information.


Sync Ben’s code to have more functionality. Add full name to the profile information.


Review Ben’s code, assist with the merge into Nextcloud together with Auke.


No big goals for this week, prepare for milestone 2a.

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