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Another attempt, that combines the internet archive and DOI approach, is called It allows registered users to request a Perma Link for any URL. The system than archives the contents of that URL as they appear at that time, and generates a permanent url for it. is developed and maintained by the Harvard Law School Library, with support from other libraries. It has a contingency plan if it ever needs to shutdown, but publicly aims to support the system for centuries. However, to use it you must have a paid account. It costs about a dollar for each link you add.


  • Larger conglomerate of universities backing this project
  • Public contingency plans for an eventual shutdown
  • Stores an archive of the URL’s content as it is now


  • Only paid accounts are allowed to add to the archive, adding urls is relatively costly.
  • No clear link between the archive URL and the original URL, the archive URL is opaque.

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