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PDS Interop

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.” ~ Tim Berners-Lee

PDS Interop stands for Personal Data Stores Interoperability.

We are an open-source, grant and sponsorship driven collaboration, intent on bringing interoperability between personal data stores to the masses.

Our current mission is to bring Solid to Nextcloud by creating an open source Nextcloud app that turns a Nextcloud server into a spec-compliant Solid server.



Our main projects are:

  • Awesome Solid Awesome list of Solid (social inked data) tools, libraries, resources, and shiny things (project lead Ben Peachey).
  • PHP Solid Server A standalone PHP Solid server (project lead Ben Peachey).
  • Solid Nextcloud A plugin to make Nextcloud compatible with Solid (project lead Auke van Slooten).
  • Solid Test Suites Test suites for protocols a Personal Data Store may support (project lead Michiel de Jong).

For other software projects, see our Github org.

Copyright © 2020 PDS Interop. Distributed under a MIT license.