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A plugin to make Nextcloud compatible with Solid.

You can download it via the Nextcloud app store:

Development install

Clone, cd into it, and run:

docker pull nextcloud
docker build -t nextcloud-server-base ./servers/nextcloud-server/base/
docker build -t nextcloud-server ./servers/nextcloud-server/server/
docker run -p 443:443 -d --rm --name=server nextcloud-server
echo sleeping
sleep 10
echo slept
docker logs server
docker exec -u www-data -it server sh /
docker exec -u root -it server service apache2 reload

Now visit https://localhost and log in as alice / alice123.

Manual install

Please follow the install instructions.

Unattended testing

There is a GitHub Action that runs a Docker-based test script.

Manual testing

You can try out the various Solid apps that show up in the Solid App GUI inside the Nextcloud GUI on first use.

Build / Deploy

For publishing to the Nextcloud app store see the deploy instructions.

Copyright © 2020-2021 PDS Interop. Distributed under a MIT license.