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This document describes what the Solid specification demands from a server in general. Implementation details have been added describing if and how compliance has been reached.

Spec compliance

  • All http URIs MUST redirect to their https counterparts using a response with a 301 status code and a Location header.
    Implemented through the Pdsinterop\Solid\Controller\HttpToHttpsController.

  • It SHOULD additionally implement the server part of HTTP/1.1 Caching to improve performance
    As caching can be added “in-front” of the server this is deemed low-priority.

  • When a client does not provide valid credentials when requesting a resource that requires it, the data pod MUST send a response with a 401 status code (unless 404 is preferred for security reasons).
    This will need to be implemented as part of the OAuth, ACL, and protected documents parts.

  • A Solid server MUST reject PUT, POST and PATCH requests without the Content-Type header with a status code of 400.
    This should be added in a similar fashion as the HTTPtheHTTPS mechanism. No need to continue routing if this criteria is not met.

  • Paths ending with a slash denote a container resource. the server MAY respond to requests for the latter URI with a 301 redirect to the former.
    Implemented through the Pdsinterop\Solid\Controller\AddSlashToPathController

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