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2.x release


This is an important security release. It is strongly recommended to update as soon as possible.

  • Fix: honor the size option after following a redirect.


  • Enhance: options.agent, it now accepts a function that returns custom http(s).Agent instance based on current URL, see readme for more information.
  • Fix: incorrect Content-Length was returned for stream body in 2.5.0 release; note that node-fetch doesn’t calculate content length for stream body.
  • Fix: Response.url should return empty string instead of null by default.


  • Enhance: Response object now includes redirected property.
  • Enhance: fetch() now accepts third-party Blob implementation as body.
  • Other: disable package-lock.json generation as we never commit them.
  • Other: dev dependency update.
  • Other: readme update.


  • Fix: Blob import rule for node < 10, as Readable isn’t a named export.


  • Enhance: added Brotli compression support (using node’s zlib).
  • Enhance: updated Blob implementation per spec.
  • Fix: set content type automatically for URLSearchParams.
  • Fix: Headers now reject empty header names.
  • Fix: test cases, as node 12+ no longer accepts invalid header response.


  • Enhance: added AbortSignal support, with README example.
  • Enhance: handle invalid Location header during redirect by rejecting them explicitly with FetchError.
  • Fix: update browser.js to support react-native environment, where self isn’t available globally.


  • Fix: compress flag shouldn’t overwrite existing Accept-Encoding header.
  • Fix: multiple import rules, where PassThrough etc. doesn’t have a named export when using node <10 and --exerimental-modules flag.
  • Other: Better README.


  • Enhance: Support all ArrayBuffer view types
  • Enhance: Support Web Workers
  • Enhance: Support Node.js’ --experimental-modules mode; deprecate .es.js file
  • Fix: Add __esModule property to the exports object
  • Other: Better example in README for writing response to a file
  • Other: More tests for Agent


  • Fix: allow Body methods to work on ArrayBuffer-backed Body objects
  • Fix: reject promise returned by Body methods when the accumulated Buffer exceeds the maximum size
  • Fix: support custom Host headers with any casing
  • Fix: support importing fetch() from TypeScript in browser.js
  • Fix: handle the redirect response body properly


Fix packaging errors in v2.1.0.


  • Enhance: allow using ArrayBuffer as the body of a fetch() or Request
  • Fix: store HTTP headers of a Headers object internally with the given case, for compatibility with older servers that incorrectly treated header names in a case-sensitive manner
  • Fix: silently ignore invalid HTTP headers
  • Fix: handle HTTP redirect responses without a Location header just like non-redirect responses
  • Fix: include bodies when following a redirection when appropriate


This is a major release. Check our upgrade guide for an overview on some key differences between v1 and v2.

General changes

  • Major: Node.js 0.10.x and 0.12.x support is dropped
  • Major: require('node-fetch/lib/response') etc. is now unsupported; use require('node-fetch').Response or ES6 module imports
  • Enhance: start testing on Node.js v4.x, v6.x, v8.x LTS, as well as v9.x stable
  • Enhance: use Rollup to produce a distributed bundle (less memory overhead and faster startup)
  • Enhance: make Object.prototype.toString() on Headers, Requests, and Responses return correct class strings
  • Other: rewrite in ES2015 using Babel
  • Other: use Codecov for code coverage tracking
  • Other: update package.json script for npm 5
  • Other: encoding module is now optional (alpha.7)
  • Other: expose browser.js through package.json, avoid bundling mishaps (alpha.9)
  • Other: allow TypeScript to import node-fetch by exposing default (alpha.9)

HTTP requests

  • Major: overwrite user’s Content-Length if we can be sure our information is correct (per spec)
  • Fix: errors in a response are caught before the body is accessed
  • Fix: support WHATWG URL objects, created by whatwg-url package or require('url').URL in Node.js 7+

Response and Request classes

  • Major: response.text() no longer attempts to detect encoding, instead always opting for UTF-8 (per spec); use response.textConverted() for the v1 behavior
  • Major: make response.json() throw error instead of returning an empty object on 204 no-content respose (per spec; reverts behavior changed in v1.6.2)
  • Major: internal methods are no longer exposed
  • Major: throw error when a GET or HEAD Request is constructed with a non-null body (per spec)
  • Enhance: add response.arrayBuffer() (also applies to Requests)
  • Enhance: add experimental response.blob() (also applies to Requests)
  • Enhance: URLSearchParams is now accepted as a body
  • Enhance: wrap response.json() json parsing error as FetchError
  • Fix: fix Request and Response with null body

Headers class

  • Major: remove headers.getAll(); make get() return all headers delimited by commas (per spec)
  • Enhance: make Headers iterable
  • Enhance: make Headers constructor accept an array of tuples
  • Enhance: make sure header names and values are valid in HTTP
  • Fix: coerce Headers prototype function parameters to strings, where applicable


  • Enhance: more comprehensive API docs
  • Enhance: add a list of default headers in README

1.x release

backport releases (v1.7.0 and beyond)

See changelog on 1.x branch for details.


  • Enhance: error handling document to explain FetchError design
  • Fix: support form-data 2.x releases (requires form-data >= 2.1.0)


  • Enhance: minor document update
  • Fix: response.json() returns empty object on 204 no-content response instead of throwing a syntax error


  • Fix: if res.body is a non-stream non-formdata object, we will call body.toString and send it as a string
  • Fix: counter value is incorrectly set to follow value when wrapping Request instance
  • Fix: documentation update


  • Enhance: added res.buffer() api for convenience, it returns body as a Node.js buffer
  • Enhance: better old server support by handling raw deflate response
  • Enhance: skip encoding detection for non-HTML/XML response
  • Enhance: minor document update
  • Fix: HEAD request doesn’t need decompression, as body is empty
  • Fix: req.body now accepts a Node.js buffer


  • Fix: handle 204 and 304 responses when body is empty but content-encoding is gzip/deflate
  • Fix: allow resolving response and cloned response in any order
  • Fix: avoid setting content-length when form-data body use streams
  • Fix: send DELETE request with content-length when body is present
  • Fix: allow any url when calling new Request, but still reject non-http(s) url in fetch


  • Fix: allow node.js core to handle keep-alive connection pool when passing a custom agent


  • Fix: redirect mode manual should work even when there is no redirection or broken redirection


  • Enhance: rejected promise now use custom Error (thx to @pekeler)
  • Enhance: FetchError contains err.type and err.code, allows for better error handling (thx to @pekeler)
  • Enhance: basic support for redirect mode manual and error, allows for location header extraction (thx to @jimmywarting for the initial PR)


  • Fix: wrapping Request instance with FormData body again should preserve the body as-is


  • Enhance: Request and Response now have clone method (thx to @kirill-konshin for the initial PR)
  • Enhance: Request and Response now have proper string and buffer body support (thx to @kirill-konshin)
  • Enhance: Body constructor has been refactored out (thx to @kirill-konshin)
  • Enhance: Headers now has forEach method (thx to @tricoder42)
  • Enhance: back to 100% code coverage
  • Fix: better form-data support (thx to @item4)
  • Fix: better character encoding detection under chunked encoding (thx to @dsuket for the initial PR)


  • Fix: make sure Content-Length header is set when body is string for POST/PUT/PATCH requests
  • Fix: handle body stream error, for cases such as incorrect Content-Encoding header
  • Fix: when following certain redirects, use GET on subsequent request per Fetch Spec
  • Fix: Request and Response constructors now parse headers input using Headers


  • Enhance: allow auto detect of form-data input (no FormData spec on node.js, this is form-data specific feature)


  • Enhance: allow custom host header to be set (server-side only feature, as it’s a forbidden header on client-side)


  • Enhance: now fetch.Request is exposed as well


  • Enhance: Headers now normalized Number value to String, prevent common mistakes


  • Enhance: now fetch.Headers and fetch.Response are exposed, making testing easier


  • Fix: Headers should only support String and Array properties, and ignore others


  • Enhance: now req.headers accept both plain object and Headers instance


  • Enhance: timeout now also applies to response body (in case of slow response)
  • Fix: timeout is now cleared properly when fetch is done/has failed


  • Fix: less greedy content-type charset matching


  • Fix: when follow = 0, fetch should not follow redirect
  • Enhance: update tests for better coverage
  • Enhance: code formatting
  • Enhance: clean up doc


  • Enhance: test iojs support
  • Enhance: timeout attached to socket event only fire once per redirect


  • Fix: response size limit should reject large chunk
  • Enhance: added character encoding detection for xml, such as rss/atom feed (encoding in DTD)


  • Fix: added res.ok per spec change


  • Enhance: better test coverage and doc

0.x release


  • Major: initial public release

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