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NB: this currently mainly describes how Solid OS stores data on a Solid Pod.

Profile document

To add information to your webid profile, you can use the following triples. Suppose your webid is /profile/card#me, then your profile document is /profile/card (without the #me). Add the following triples to it:

</profile/card> a                 foaf:PersonalProfileDocument .
</profile/card> foaf:maker        </profile/card#me> .
</profile/card> foaf:primaryTopic </profile/card#me> .

You as a person

Now say your name is “John Doe”, then add these triples to your profile document to publish your identity as a person:

</profile/card#me> a         foaf:Person .
</profile/card#me> a         schema:Person .
</profile/card#me> foaf:name "John Doe" .

Linking to your pod

Say your pod is at /pod, with the LDN inbox at /pod/inbox/, to link from your identity to your pod:

</profile/card#me> solid:account </pod> .
</profile/card#me> pim:storage   </pod> .
</profile/card#me> ldp:inbox     </pod/inbox/> .


To publish some of your generic preferences to apps, use:

</profile/card#me> pim:preferencesFile    </settings/prefs.ttl> .
</profile/card#me> solid:publicTypeIndex  </settings/publicTypeIndex.ttl> .
</profile/card#me> solid:privateTypeIndex </settings/privateTypeIndex.ttl> .