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PDS Interop: Solid-Nextcloud weekly meeting 29 June


  • Meeting notes from last meeting
  • Action points
  • Weekly status update
  • risks / planning
  • Coming week


Meeting notes from last meeting

  • Action items progress checking:

Weekly status update


  • worked 9 hours, total now 25
  • have a nextcloud pdsinterop app
  • with an (empty) profile page


  • worked 8.5 hours, total now 30.5
  • Have 30 tests now in the webid-provider tests.
  • Contestants are still just node-solid-server and solid-app-kit (but this will change this week?)
  • Now looking at the login cookie, feels like I’m already over 30% of the total 1a milestone work


  • worked 2 hours, total now 18
  • Got a bit stuck on Blank nodes. Read up on them and did some experiments, but no working idea just yet.
  • For next week: following up on Michiel’s suggestion to have them as named nodes instead, because that should also just work.


  • Worked 10 hours, total now 30.5
  • Read all Solid specs (and partially mapped out/documented them)
  • Made a first start on standalone PHP
  • Looked into vendor libraries (for Request/Response, Content Negotiation, JWT, OpenId, Crypto/Cert, RDF, SPARQL, Vocab/Dublin/Schema/etc.)
  • Started a small POC for FlySystem+RDF
  • Details / Risks
  • Created logo

Coming week

  • Ben
    • First working standalone PHP server (profile, login, edit)
    • Meeting with Auke on Thursday. Agree on vendor packages.
    • NOTES:
      • Test OpenId config
      • Test WebId
      • Prefer HTML/RDFa as format
      • Test-suite as a service (Add URL / Docker container)
    • Nextcloud docker dev test-run
  • Michiel
    • Continue adding tests. Goal is to have tests to ‘feed’ the development that Auke and Ben are doing.
  • Auke
    • Meeting with Ben on Thursday. Agree on vendor packages.
    • Continue work positioning oauth2 authentication within Nextcloud.
  • Yvo
    • Continue work on profile editor. Get blank nodes to work

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